Why Are There Different FICO Scores For Different Bureaus?

Unique Data

Because there are three main credit bureaus, lenders pull three different credit scores. These scores will usually be different because the information compiled to create the scores are unique. Each credit bureau has a variety of information about you and sometimes this information between bureaus varies a little and other times it varies a lot. Although the data is different, it is still used in the same FICO software.

Repairing All Credit Scores

When dealing with credit repair, it is important to focus on all three FICO credit scores. Some lenders choose to use one credit score during the approval process, but the credit bureau of choice will differ depending on the lender. The middle score is usually used by mortgage lenders.

More recently, car lenders have been using two credit scores instead of one to determine the riskiness of a consumer. Because the credit score of choice is unpredictable, you will want all three credit scores to be at their best.