How Rapid Rescore Works

“Rapid” Information

Rapid Rescore is a way to update the details that pull into your credit report within a few days. For example, if you recently paid off a debt or would like to change negative information written on your current credit report, this may be a good option for you. Creditors can take months to update credit information and sometimes time is not a luxury that you can afford.

Basic Requirements

There are a few requirements you must meet to take advantage of this expediting service. For starters, Rapid Rescore is only for mortgage applicants, and the only people who offer this service are mortgage originators – someone who is helping you apply for a mortgage loan. The second major requirement is to have documentation that shows you paid your debt or a creditor is correcting a negative report.

The documentation must clearly be from the original reporting entity and include your name. Depending on what information you are updating, an account number and balance may be essential as well.

Credit Repair and Rapid Rescore

Again, only a mortgage originator may assist you with Rapid Rescore.