How to Get Your FICO Score?

Your Options

As you have probably gathered, obtaining your FICO scores is not an easy task for a consumer. Credit bureaus will, however, willingly sell the scores directly to lenders. This leaves you with a few choices to acquire your FICO scores.

Find a Lender

Finding a lender is probably the simplest method to obtain your FICO scores. Although running a credit check will affect your credit slightly, it may be worth it to save yourself a headache. If you are thinking about buying a house, get pre-qualified through a lender. Even if you are not in a position to purchase a home, get pre-qualified anyway! A lender will receive all three FICO scores by doing a credit check, and you will have your scores with little to no effort.

On Your Own

Equifax offers the FICO score at By going directly to Fair Isaac at, you may buy your FICO score for both Equifax and TransUnion. Experian, on the other hand, discontinued their relationship with myFICO in 2009 due to a disagreement, making it impossible to buy your Experian FICO score.