If you have a question about our credit repair service, we are here to help. Below is a list of our top 5 most asked questions. If you have other questions no answered here, please call or email us. Our credit specialists are available to help you anytime.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Our easy tier based cost structure will make sure you only pay for what you need.

When you give us a call, one of the credit specialists at Family Credit Repair will go over the exact pricing for our services during your consultation. Pricing starts as low as $39.

How Long Will It Take To Fix My Credit?

Since everyone’s situation is different, we can’t provide the precise time it will take for you to see improvements in your credit report. However, many of our clients are noticing drastic improvements within the first 30 days.

For those very stubborn items that require extensive navigation through the waters of bureaucracy, we will work on improving your credit file for an entire 12 month period or until all the negative information is cleared up…whichever comes first.

When Will You Start Working On Improving My Credit?

When you retain our services, our team will start working on improving your credit that same day.

Do You Guarantee That My Credit Will Improve?

Please note, our credit repair services comes with an ironclad 100% guarantee which you can find by clicking here

So far, 100% of our clients have seen improvements on their credit reporting. However, we can’t guarantee that your credit score will improve.


If our team removed 9 negative reporting items from your credit report but if you create 15 new negative items, you’re credit score will not improve.

However, if these negative items were removed and you did not create any new negative items, we guarantee your credit score will increase. Also, our credit specialists will show you how you can create positive items on your credit report. Between removing negative items and create a couple of positive items, we’ve seen clients increase their score by as much as 100 points in a short amount of time!

What If Family Credit Repair Wasn’t Able To Help?

We have never offered our credit repair services to a client where we haven’t been able to help. This is why we offer a free consultant before our clients are able to retain our services.

Our credit repair service is backed by an ironclad 100% guarantee. If we don’t deliver by removing the negative items on your credit, we will issue you a refund. You’ll find more information about our 100% guarantee here

Call us today and give us a try, our results are guaranteed by an ironclad warranty!