Repairing Your Credit After Bankruptcy

Starting your credit repair after a bankruptcy discharge is very important. Some people make the mistake of thinking they can do nothing about their credit after a bankruptcy so they do nothing. We are here to dispel that myth. It is extremely important to start tackling your credit immediately after the bankruptcy. There are several things to be done in bankruptcy situations.

Once you have gone through bankruptcy the accounts are discharged. That means, “your slate has been wiped clean”. The negative information should be dismissed from your credit reports. It does not always happen that way. We can help you work with the credit reporting agencies to clear up all the inaccuracies. Every account needs to be examined and all inaccuracies should be disputed. With a bankruptcy you will be left with no credit. A good way to start a rebuilding your credit is to obtain two secured credit cards. You will need the secured cards because of your bankruptcy, you will not qualify for a regular credit card. Once you obtain your secured cards make sure you use them. It does your credit no good to never use them. Optimally you should use only about 20% of their credit line and always make your payments on time.

In the Fair Credit Report Act there is a single reference to bankruptcy. It is a lot of legal speak but what it boils down to is that bankruptcy cannot stay on your credit report for more than ten years. This might sound like a long time to have that on your credit but most credit reporting agencies will remove it before that ten year limit if you can reestablish good credit. If you choose our credit repair service we will closely examine your credit reports and identify any issues related to your bankruptcy. We will also work closely with you to start repairing your credit right away. There is no time to waste after a bankruptcy. The faster you begin working on fixing your bad credit, the faster the bankruptcy will be taken off your credit reports.