Ways To Maximize Your Credit Repair

Our agency works with the credit bureau to resolve disputes and give you tools you need to rebuild your credit. This can include managing existing debt and structure your existing credit in a positive way. It is not all done by us, you have to participate and follow the structure we set in place.

The structure consists of organizing existing payments, reducing revolving balances and rebuilding credit. It is crucial to make all your payments on time. One late payment can have an impact on your credit score and the more recent the negative report the more of an impact it will have. Credit repair is not free, so it makes no sense to throw that investment away by missing or late payments. Revolving balances (such as credit cards) are another tricky thing to navigate. Ideally you should keep your balance under 20 percent of your credit limit. FICO really examines the balance and credit limits dynamic. A good way to rebuild your credit is to obtain two credit cards. If you cannot get regular cards get two small secured cards. Note, the credit limit is not important. What is important is keeping your balances low and making your payments on time. These secured cards will help your credit the same as a regular card.

Store credit cards should not be part of your credit recovery. They are usually peppered with high fees and high interest rates. Also avoid free financing offers from stores. They can be enticing but they are not structured for your benefit. In fact, they can cause a major problem if you have not made payments and the balance comes due. FICO does not like either of these and having them will impact your credit score negatively. If you have it from before, it should be a high priority to pay them off and close the accounts. There is a big difference between these types of accounts and the secured credit cards discussed earlier in this article.