Credit Repair Errors and Mistakes

What To Do About Errors

It is not uncommon to find an error on your credit reports. You may have paid a debt and your credit report still shows you owe money, or there may be negative information written about you that is false. Whatever the error, it is best to dispute with the credit bureau because they tend to respond better than creditors. However, there are a couple instances where you may need to contact the creditor directly. We will help you every step of the way!

Contacting a Creditor

If the credit bureau does not resolve the error on your report to your satisfaction, you will want to contact the creditor directly. Before doing anything, call the company to determine who will be covering your case. Once you have a contact, you should write a letter directly to that person. Be sure to write the letter to the best of your ability because this will be your final argument.

Quicker Results

Another reason for contacting a creditor directly is for fast results. If you have clear documentation showing that the error on your credit report is an error, then contact the creditor instead of the credit bureau. The issue will usually be resolved quicker by going directly to the creditor. If they do not fix the error, then you will still have the option of contacting a credit bureau.