Advice on Handling Creditors

If you have an error on your credit report, it’s best to address it with the credit bureaus themselves. They are required to process your dispute by the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). It requires the creditor to investigate your claim when you request it the same as it makes the credit bureaus investigate. This is not an easy endeavor. Unfortunately creditors ignore these requests a lot of the time. They do not have the resources usually to pursue these claims.

If you have clear documentation proving the negative information is wrong contacting the creditor will often resolve the issue. Some examples of good documentation is canceled checks, money order stubs and anything thing that can provide proof of payments or debts being paid. Provided your documentation is need so this can result in a quicker resolution than going through the credit bureaus. If your dispute has not been addressed by the credit bureaus it is a good time to contact the creditor. Start by contacting the creditor by phone and determine who to address your written correspondence to. Go into detail in your letter and ask them to examine your claim. We are always here to provide guidance.