Why Credit Repair

Better Rates

Credit repair does more than boost your credit scores–it actually saves you money. Monthly payments, like on a car or mortgage loan, are all determined by an interest rate. A lower interest rate will reduce your monthly payments and equals more money in your pocket. How do you receive a lower interest rate? You must have better credit scores!

More Money

Saving money through improved interest rates will allow you the opportunity to get out of debt, stop living paycheck to paycheck, or take that vacation you have always wanted to go on. More importantly, you can use your extra money to invest and earn more without doing anything. Some options include a savings account with a high interest rate, a money market account, or investing in the stock market. Though the stock market is not a guaranteed moneymaker, it normally creates a profit for long-term investments.

Credit Scores Talk

Fair Isaac Corporation has calculated the benefit of a 100 point increase on your credit score. Using national averages, you could save $3,168 per year with a $300,000 mortgage if you boost your credit scores by 100 points. You could also create a savings of $780 per year with a $25,000 car loan. This scenario would save you over $3,200 every year just for using a credit repair program.