Bad Credit Repair With Secured Credit Cards

A secured credit card can be a great tool to help repair your credit. If you do not qualify for an unsecured credit card, don’t despair. A secured credit card is just as effective. A secured card is a card that is guaranteed by a deposit equal to the credit limit. Anybody can get one as long as you have the money for the deposit. Even a secured card with a low limit is capable of boosting your credit score. If you have zero open accounts and a credit score in the 500 range, two of these secured cards can boost your credit score by over 100 points within a six month time frame.

Keep in mind that for a maximum benefit, keep the balance low. If possible, you should not use more than twenty percent of your available limit. This doesn’t mean you should allow the card to sit untouched for 6 months, you should use it at least once a month in order to reap the full benefits. Just make sure to pay it off every month.

Getting a card and not using it will not help your credit in any way. In addition to keeping the balance low, it’s important to make your payments on time.

Do not obtain store credit cards! They will not help improve your credit. In fact, they could hurt it. You should stick with a mainstream card like Visa or MasterCard. Our credit repair program has already researched these secured cards and can recommend the right one for you and your situation.