How To Dispute Credit Report Errors

Using Credit Repair

Disputing an error on your credit report may be difficult at first. Our knowledge and experience will help guide you to the best disputing process for your situation. It is generally best to contact the credit bureau or company responsible for the credit error first.

Making Contact

It is more efficient to dispute an error with the company responsible for reporting it. A credit bureau must contact the information provider when a dispute is made, so you will cut out the middle man by going directly to the responsible party. Start out by writing a clear and well written letter. Tell the company or bureau what information on the credit report is incorrect and provide copies of all documents that will support your argument. Once you have provided as much information as you are able, it is the receiver’s responsibility to consider your dispute and contact you with an acceptance or rejection to your claim.

Corrected Report

You may be interested to know that when an error is fixed on your credit report, the bureau must provide you with an updated copy of your credit report at no cost. You also have the option of paying to send an updated report to all those who requested your credit scores recently.