Repairing Inquiries on Your Credit Reports

Inquiries to your credit report can be stressful and can greatly lower your credit score. The following information will provide you with ways to manage credit inquiries.

A single inquiry can affect your credit score by up to 5 points. The lower your credit score the more the inquiry will affect it. An inquiry can go away quickly, typically under two years. However, the negative effect they have on your credit score will end after 6 months. If you feel the inquiries are false, you can always dispute them through our credit repair program.

You might not need to invoke a credit repair response. Auto finance and mortgage inquiries do not count the same as other credit inquiries (like credit cards) by FICO. You are allowed as many auto and mortgage finance inquiries in 45 day periods as you want. They will be treated as a single inquiry and will not go on your score until 30 days after the date of the first inquiry. This allows consumers to make the best decision on financing without being punished on their credit score. If you find that these are the ones on your credit score you can choose to leave them alone.