How To Keep Your Credit Score Sky High Forever [Video]

Hey Guys, Kevin here with Family Credit Repair. And today I’m going to give you a great tip on how you can keep your credit scores high, for life.

A lot of people believe that to have great credit you need to be in debt. But this a misconception. The average person only uses credit when they have to, and then pays it off as soon as possible.

One of the best ways to keep your credit scores high is to have 2 or 3 credit cards. Now I know that credit cards have a bad reputation for being a debt trap, but if used correctly, credit cards are one of the best ways you can get your credit score into the high 700’s or even the 800’s.

To keep your credit active, setup auto payments for your monthly bills such as your phone or television, basically anything that has a monthly fee. And then have your credit cards paid off in full by your bank account every month.

This way you can keep your credit going and never have to pay any interest. Remember, the goal here is to keep your credit lines open for the rest of your life, because FICO considers a well-aged account to be 40 years or older.

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