How To Fix Identity Theft

Identity Theft Victim

No one wants to find out their credit score is low because someone stole their identity. For this purpose, credit monitoring is available through all three credit bureaus for a small fee. If your identity has already been stolen, it is important to participate in credit repair.

File Merger Errors

If there is an account you do not recognize on your credit report, there is a good chance it is not really your account. Contact your lender and ask if the account in question is tied to your name. An account that appears on your credit report but is not actually in your name is known as a file merger error, or in other words, a mistake. These errors can be fixed by writing a letter to all the credit bureaus explaining the situation. As part of our credit repair program, we will take care of this for you.

Questionable Accounts

Not every unidentified account will result in a file merger error. For those accounts that are not yours but are in your name, you will need to provide the police will all three credit reports in order to file an identity theft report. Once you have an identity theft report, you will need to send it to all three credit bureaus. Be sure to include copies of your identification and a signed letter explaining the identity theft situation. In a few short days the information will no longer be allowed to pull into your credit reports while an investigation takes place.

Using Credit Repair

If you have further questions about identity theft and credit repair we are always available to help. By participating in our credit repair program we will do most of the work for you!