How Bad Do Medical Collections Affect Your Credit Score [Video]

Hey guys, Kevin here from Family Credit Repair, and today we are going to talk about a common credit myth, which states, that medical collections don’t affect credit scores.

A common credit score myth is that medical collections don’t bring down your credit scores. But in reality, medical collections hurt your credit just as much as a regular collection would.

The only difference is between the types of collections is when you’re closing on a home loan, and then the outstanding debt from your medical collection won’t stop you from purchasing. Though, this is only applicable if your credit scores are already high enough to pass the loan approval process.

Everyone gets sick, and many of us fall behind due to the staggering medical costs, but that doesn’t mean you should sit back and relax while those late medical bills to are sent to collections. Most medical companies will actually work with you and help you create a monthly payment plan to keep your out of the collections process.

As always, when you fall behind on your bills, you want to try as hard as possible to keep your credit clean.

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