Can Credit Repair Companies Promise to Fix Your Credit? [Video]

Hey guys, Kevin here from Family Credit Repair. And today I’m going to answer the question, can credit repair companies promise to remove all negative items from your credit reports.

The answer to is, no. You need to be wary when it comes to absolutes and credit repair. If someone tells you that they can absolutely remove a negative item from your credit reports, they aren’t telling you the truthful with you.

If something is showing incorrectly on your credit reports, they can say, they can get it updated to a status that’s not hurting your credit as much, with a chance of getting it removed. But no one can promise its removal

Now if the negative account is showing correctly on your credit reports, they can exercise your right for due process. Then the credit bureaus must investigate that specific account. Which will have one of two outcomes:

Outcome one, the negative account will stay the same because the credit bureau will confirm it as accurate.

Outcome two, the credit bureau will be too busy to investigate the matter and be forced to remove it from your credit in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

So when you’re dealing with any credit repair company or service, you need to keep all this in mind to decide if they a right fit for you.

Have a great day