4 Ways to Stop an Annoying Debt Collector From Calling [Video]

Hey Guys, Kevin here from Family Credit Repair, and today we are going to talk about how to get a debt collector to stop calling you.

Although there’s no sure fire way to stop collectors from calling you, here are 4 strategies that have proved effective throughout the years:

Strategy 1- Tell the debt collector that you do not discuss financials over the phone but if they’d be willing to send you something in writing, you’d definitely take a look at it. Be firm about this and don’t let the conversation drag on.

Once you say this, politely end the conversation.

Strategy 2- If you inform the debt collector that your employer does not allow you to take personal calls at work, the debt collector must legally stop calling you during business hours.

Strategy 3- Now this one is a little more tricky, this is where you send a “cease communication letter” to the collection agency. Although, this can be very risky because this may force the collection agency to take the matter to court.

Strategy 4- This is where you hire an attorney, now when the debt collector calls you, simply tell them that you have an attorney to handle this matter for you. And the debt collect must stop calling you and deal directly with your attorney. Although be careful, because attorney fees can easy add up

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